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...Now we only have 401K plans, which they contribute some many to.

If the stock in the plan for a company goes worthless, then my savings decrease...
A common perception based on drinking the Kool-Aid. If you've got your 401k contributions in stock, they're not "savings." They're a crap-shoot. Just like any non-401k stock investment. Anyone interested in "savings" will elect the Stable Value Fund option. Not sexy, not high-return, just slow-and-steady growth. Unfortunately, many employers only make matching contributions in company stock. A really, really bad thing. As soon as the plan allowed it, all mine acquired that way was immediately transferred to the Stable Value Fund.

As a nation, we have become spoiled children who want more than can reasonably be expected. I don't see it changing anytime soon. Oh for the days of 5.25% passbook savings accounts and loans at a reasonable spread above that.