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I love the vertical viewfinder! Many first time users of this camera never get used to this. It felt natural to me almost immediately. Since I shoot this camera and the Mamiya 6 for 90% of my work when I do use a camera with a horizontal viewfinder I don't know what to do!!
That's an interesting point. I forgot about it, but yes, it needs some time to get used to. At first that is. Not because it is a bad system, not at all. It is because we are used to see through landscape view finders with 135 format cameras.
And yes, it was refreshing for me too. I like the portrait finder. Once I turned my mind around to it I was even very pleased with it even more. It is a bright finder with good info presented on the side. It is good to be pulled outside your comfort zone once in a while as a photographer and this view finder made me think again about how I compose a shot.
The only time this happened before was when I used a Bronica SQ-B (6x6) for the first time and saw the image on that very large ground glass. I was hooked to the MF cameras immediately and bought me the Bronica. Never regretted it. Later I bought the RF645 too because it was a rangefinder. It often accompanies me on vacations, etc., when I don't have much time for photography, but want more than iPhone snapshots
I love both cameras and both have their merits. I love the quality of Bronica glass too.