I am considering various 645 models for my 1st MF buy. I am leaning towards a Mamiya 645 Pro since it seems to have the best value for money/specs/quality ratio.

However, the more I snoop around the more new brands/models show up I did not know about with pretty good/lower than the Mamiya prices.

Many have almost all necessary specs at least IMO (mirror locking, metering, changeable backs etc) but they seem to have one serious limitation, a low top shutter speed of 1/500 or even 1/400.

I've been shooting digital for about 5 years now so with my D300s which has 1/8000 top shutter speed I never had such issues. With my old Pentax MX I can go up to 1/1000 which I trust it is fast enough for almost any situation, but 1/500 or 1/400 is a whole different case.

So, I would like some feedback as to how actually limiting are such speeds on everyday use.

Yes, there are various ways of overcoming this limitation on a brightly lit situation like stopping down or using a filter etc. but this might compromise image quality which voids the whole point of having a MF camera IMO.

All thoughts on the matter most welcome with many thanks in advance.