From the Vade Mecum:
Dogmar A new dialyt series was announced in Photography 26/05/1914, working at f4.5 in the shorter foci. Since it was very late prewar, most examples will be postwar. Adverts. stressed it was a very highly corrected lens, but the major sales feature was that it was separable, the front cell giving 2x focus, and the rear one 1.5x focus. It was said to be free from ghosting, and the f4.5 was initially made in up to wholeplate size, the longer sizes being in f5.5. It covers 55 or 54 at full aperture, and 60 at smaller apertures. It was suggested to use 21cm for 13x18cm plate. The f5.5 covered a slightly larger angle (54-60) and a slower version at f6.3 covered a bit more again (60-65). However it was not primarily sold for its angle of cover, and the slower version was short lived, being replaced by the Tenastigmats, etc.
The designer was W. Zschokke, and it was covered under Patent 258,494 and sold from 1914. It is sharper than Celor, and shows better edge detail than the Q15 type designs. [Zschokke then left Goerz after the association as Zeiss Ikon, and designed rather similar lenses for Kern, possible perhaps due to the take over
by Zeiss Ikon and the absence of this lens type in the Zeiss lists.]
Dogmar f4.5 60, 75mm for 2.375x2in, 90mm for 2.75x2.375in, 100mm for 2.5x3.5in,
125mm for 4.25x3.25in, 125mm for 4.25x3.25in, 135mm for 4.25x3.25in, 150mm for 4.75x3.5in, 165mm for 5x4in, 180mm for 6x4in, 195mm for 6.5x4.75in, 210mm for 7x5in, 240, 270, 300mm. Use 165mm for 5x4., 14in for 10x8. (Goe005,009. Q26 type). Separable, 3 focus. It covers 55 and there is no suggestion of improved cover when closed down. The other foci of the single cells were not detailed in adverts. (eg B.J.A. 1925, p739)
Fig 026 010 Goerz Dogmar f4.5/15cm No557,152.
f4.8 in 5in in 1912-1913. This was not noted in 1925.
Dogmar f5.5 300, 360, 420, 480mm This was the same series as the above.
Note, there is no mention of a 500mm f4.5, but I assume it is similar.