Who says 4X5 is too small? I struggled with the same question when I started doing P/P printing. My choices for a negative was to either do a digital negative or an enlarged negative from an inner positive with Ortho. After experimenting with enlarged negatives I did some contact prints with the 4X5's and was surprised at how much I enjoyed these small images. Much more personal and felt really drawn into them. Using at least a 3 to 4 inch over mat made them even better. Also, don't be afraid to make paper negatives with some inexpensive RC paper in whatever size you want. I've also been very pleased with the results from these as well. Especially with pinhole images. You can always work the backs of the negatives and positives with a graphite pencil over a light table to enhance detail. Play around and see what you get. I've thought about getting some things printed digitally. Also thought about sky diving, but at my age probably won't.