Let's see if we can thread the needle and stay on-topic...I agree with RPippin that 4x5 is reasonable for contact printing: I can see six photos from here that are printed at that size or smaller, and they wouldn't sell so many 3.5x5 frames if people didn't want to see things that size! But you said "for me" and you presumably know your own taste better than the rest of us do.

"Digital print" covers a lot of ground; at a bare minimum it encompasses scanning and printing steps, but probably some manipulation in between as well, and all of those steps are so variable as to be impossible to generalize. There are some typical tradeoffs: A contact print can definitely capture detail that a good flatbed scan will miss (a professional drum scan would do better), for instance; contrast adjustments in digital-land are drastically more flexible than typical controls in wet printing (although a really good printer will be able to get to about the same place in the end).

I've had good professional scan-and-print work done from LF slides, and been very impressed with the results. But at the price of those setups, the results had better be impressive; that's not something a reasonable home user can duplicate.

This being APUG, and since it sounds like you already have a 4x5 enlarger, the natural advice is "mess around with the wet prints and see if you like what you get". The worst that could happen is you throw away some prints, right?