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Aren't these your words in post #11, "(unless he's dishonest)"? "He's" being the seller. I also made a generic statement and never pointed a finger at you.
What I said in fact is this: "I'll keep the lens and shutter if he'll rebate the cost of the repair, which I imagine he'll do given that (unless he's dishonest) he can't sell the thing in its current condition except as non-working, which will get him little." So in context, it's quite apparent that I was assuming the seller is honest, thus "which I imagine he'll do." By pulling the words you quote out of the sentence I wrote you gave the impression that I said just the opposite of what I did say. Nice work.

As for your making a "generic statement," and pointing no fingers, please don't insult my intelligence. You said quite cleary that if you were asked to comment on my "tactic" you would use "harsh language." Perhaps you have difficulty understanding the plain meaning of the written word, but I don't.

Maybe your experience with a returned camera convinces you that I broke the shutter and am seeking a refund nonetheless. If you look at my original post, you'll see that I knew perfectly well how to operate the shutter (confirmed by the responses I received). But I thought that perhaps I was mistaken and that my ignorance, if any, might explain the behavior I observed (or thought I observed). Turned out, I did not misunderstand, but the shutter simply did not work properly as shipped, something for which, as I said, the seller has apologized and offered a refund. He did not even suggest that it was tested and working properly when shipped, but only that he was unaware it was not working properly, a statement I have no reason to doubt.

Again, the only one in this story who has exhibited any lack of good will is you, and if you think your last post was an apology, you are again mistaken. But, I take you at your word in wishing me luck, and I wish you the same.