With MF and my genre of work, I very rarely go beyond 1/30 second and nowhere near the 1/1000 snitch of a heavy-hitting P67. The highest I've ever used is 1/2000 years ago with my EOS 1N and 85mm f1.2 (a once only event; the lens was then disposed of). It is unlikely you will need very high shutter speeds with medium format; it is not the format for high speed action e.g. sports, of which fast and nimble 35mm cameras are much better suited. Some portraiture requiring high flash sync speeds may call for a Tv of 1/250 to 1/500 (e.g. with leaf shutter lenses), but otherwise ... — ?

Re this:

"Yes, there are various ways of overcoming this limitation on a brightly lit situation like stopping down or using a filter etc. but this might compromise image quality which voids the whole point of having a MF camera IMO."
Very high quality glass ND filters exist that do not compromise image quality (unless you deliberately invoke flare), but resin filters can impinge upon aspherical/apochromatic lenses and should be avoided in those circumstances. Consider matching the quality of the filter to the quality of the lens.