I bought a Toyo 45AII from a Japanese dealer and for a wicked bargain I got the camera, a 90mm super-angulon 5.6 MC lens, 6 film holders, and heaps of accessories for a really sweet deal.

I hadn't used the 90mm lens until The day before yesterday. I mainly use 210mm. Seems like a really good all-rounder. Anyway I thought I'd give the 90mm ago and was really surprised at how well it came out. Despite having a pretty small image circle and really limited movements, still packs a pretty cool punch.

Anyway here's the pic I took with it. Should probably bust it out more often. if you've seen these pictures elsewhere like faccebook etc sorry for spamming them everywhere, I'm pretty chuffed with them is all

Tree, Midlands by Alex Gard, on Flickr

4x5, 90mm
Red 25
Ilford Delta 100
R09 1:100 1 hour

here's another one but with 210mm and developed ID-11 for 22 minutes @ 1:3

Tree, Midlands by Alex Gard, on Flickr