a 120 Graflok film back. "TOYO ROLL FILM HOLDER". - $120 AUD (going for $149 used on ebay)

Also, a 1024 Monocular focusing chimney viewer that comes with the little flange/hinged device to attach it to the rear 'door' of the Toyo field (or view?) camera. - $200 AUD (going for $315USD new on ebay)

Also a reflex viewing hood - $350 AUD (Going for $495 USD new on ebay)

and Toyo compendium/shade. - $120 AUD (going for $149 used on ebay)

I do not know if these will work with other 4x5 cameras or not... if anybody else knows maybe chime in?

a Toyo view/field bag. it is compartmentalised to fit a Toyo 45AII/45A/etc camera, 2 (or possibly 3 small) lenses + boards, and 6 typical 4x5 film holders. Could probably fit most other 4x5 folding cameras. It is made by Tenba. I do not know how much it is worth, maybe $150 AUD?

All items are used but all function perfectly. Varying conditions but all look fine. The Toyo carry bag has some minor material tears inside but otherwise fully functional.

email me oo.agar (at) g-mail

Buyer pays for shipping of any items. Direct bank deposit preferred or paypal. I am located in Tasmania, Australia. If you want any detailed pics of items pls let me know!

Also if you think my asking prices are too outrageous feel free to haggle, or if you want some items together of course I will do a deal.