A quick jaunt around various internet forums (excluding this one) seems to turn up all sorts of hate toward tabular-type films, with a particular dislike of anything Tmax. I turned up posts that said it looks "sterile" "clinical" and "digital" and it requires special developers and is as difficult to develop as reversal film. Also, it gets scratched easily, the highlights are "delicate" and get "blown out" easily unless you meter very carefully. They have no latitude and behave very much like a digital image. One poster said Tmax films "make me sick". Posts like this kept me from trying any tabular films for years, but once I did I didn't run into any of the problems that I read about. Does anyone know where all this craziness is coming from? I have not encountered any of these issues ever. I processed a bunch of TMY-2 with a thermometer I didn't know was broken, the temp was way higher than 20/68 and the negatives were perfectly printable and the highlights were just fine. I've run it through beat up old antiques with dubious shutter speed without issue either. Are these real problems with these films?