Well, since Verichrome Pan, Plus-X, Panatomic, and the others are all gone, that leaves Tri-X. At least as far as I know. And Tr-X has a distinctive grain, whether in D-76, or Microdol. Some people like the grain of TX and D-76. Though I'm basically a Microdol man, TX and D-76 makes for a marriage suited for those who like good grain. The latitude of the film is stupendous, and no other film can do what TX does.
It took me a long time to "accept" T-max, though it's been around 30 years. But considering the alternative of digital killing film entirely, it has become tolerable to me to the point I'm glad it's out there. It really is some fine stuff, if you can put up with its stubborn fixing qualities. Seems like it's always hungry for fresh fixer and can't get enough of it.