What they need is five officers to run the club who can be voted in on the 23 March at the agm. Chairman, Secretary, treasurer, webmaster and nl editor.

This is the letter I received - quick scan with my phone so apologies for errors...

MPP Users Club
Dear Madam or Sir..
You should have had formal notification ofthe AGM and EGM, and it is felt alittle explanation is needed. The club has been seriously short of officers for more than 5 years. but sadly, despite regular appeals and discussion at every AGM for years, no one has volunteered to take up the jobs vacant. Officers have had dilliculties from pressure of' other work and family commitments, and had to resign. One problem is that somejobs
are more work than might be thought, At thc present, Dave Gosden has pressure from other work` and age is a problem for thc rest of us. Thus we need to retire. A Club cannot
function without officers and therefore an EGM has been called. a˝er the AGM, so that the Club can bc closed if need be.
However if, at thc AGM, competent members volunteer for the positions of.....
Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, NL Editor
.,...then the club can continue.
We have all enjoyed many years in membership and being able to help and contribute. also making man)vl good friends over the years too. We know closure is had. and very sad news, bul put simply. the horses are old. lircd. and can no longer plough lhe Dave
lives in the far south west, so to attend the AGM involves driving more than 500 mile5_ Others also travel similar distances.
You will be interested to learn that the club archives (and they are extensive) may go to
thc National Media Museum, Negotiations are Linder way with an 'in principle' outline ._ agreement. They cover mors` than 20 years and include original and copy MPP material,
plus all Galettes and NLS. lt is suggested that the balance of funds should go to a charity.
to be chosen at the EGM. lf thc club does close. there will be at least one more NL, as a Y MPP camera, under another name. has been found recently and with closing ,╔ accounts. it will be good way to wrap things up properly in a ˝nal edition.
l hope this explains things. Volunteers should contact Dave at thc Website or Neill al thc i* above address. or come forward at the AGM.
Best regards.