I started with photography in the November of the last year and last month I
got an enlarger! I have some question about condenser enlarger lamp shapes and

The enlarger is a Lucky 90m but its comes without a lamp, the enlarger uses a
150w/100v lamp. I found one on Rakuten Kenko shop for approximately 20 USD:


This seen to be a picture of the lamp shape

(from here http://utinogarakuta.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-71.html )

The only lamp I found in my local stores is the PH140 75W and currently I'm
using it to print 135 negatives on 5x7 inches paper. The prints look OK to my
untrained eyes, but without a negative it looks like the center is brighter
than the corners.

I'm thinking about using a PH211/PH212 bulb, because I can get then cheap on
Freestyle*. Is this shape "compatibly" with the one on the picture above? Do
anyone know where to get the correct Lucky bulb for a cheaper price?

And about the wattage, the enlarger asks for a 150W, using a 75W makes any
difference other than the exposure time? Because even with a 75W PH140 I need
a 5 stop ND gel filter to bring times to something practical.


* I import nearly everything, because the insane prices in my country. What
you think about 285 USD for a set of Ilford 6x6" Multigrade filters?