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Maybe if you like a lot of grain, 35mm tabular-grain films will disappoint you. If you like the curve shape of 320 Tri-X, you'll have a hard time finding that in another film, tabular or not.
A couple of years back, when TXP disappeared in rolls, I made an effort to try to duplicate the film curve of TXP using TMax 100 and 400. Interestingly, it was not that difficult, and I got close with just a few rolls of film. Both TMX and TMY-2 have, as you know, tremendous exposure latitude, particularly TMY-2. If you use a developer that is really efficient in the shadows, like Xtol, you can get close to the shadows of TXP by underexposing and over-developing. I shot TMX at 400 and TMY-2 at 1600, and then processed in Xtol 1+1 for a way extended time, agitating often to avoid a shoulder. You could go 1+2 or 1+3 and develop even longer, which would stretch that abrupt toe to start to look like TXP.
I shot the same scene on TXP and TMX and once all was said, done, and printed, in a print size where grain doesn't matter it was actually difficult to tell them apart.