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...no one has mentioned lead lined film bags...a viable option?...

Not really. If X-ray examination cannot penetrate and explain something and there are reasonable grounds to investigate, the luggage will be stopped and inspected and...potentially, the contents passed through for xray examination. Pray that is not the checked luggage machine for that inspection, Carry-on security screening is fairly innocuous. Last July my sister came back from a long trip to Canada and two rolls of Provia 100F had passed through a total of 16 x-ray inspection points (including cruise docks). There was no damage at all to these, taken as carry-on but three SD cards in checked baggage (along with digi camera) were not at all readable, necessitating contact with a minilab in Vancouver to post a CD of images from the trip.

The best advice is to never ever put or conceal film in checked baggage. Any object that cannot be reasonably explained by passive xray examination will be yanked out for inspection. It's the nature of air security now.