Thanks for those responses! I haven't made all of my travel arrangements yet, but I may end up flying into London and having a few hours there in which case I may pickup film there then shoot it all then maybe get it to ilford uk for there develop/scan/print service a day before I leave or even have them ship the processed rolls back to me. That all may work quite nicely!

I'm distracting a bit from the thread though. I haven't had a roll of film damaged by x-rays though I rarely as the. Through the x-rays before. I always carry the film in a plastic bag unboxed and request a hand inspection. I usually don't have any issues, but recently I've had some troubles. The last time there was a big fuss about it in Mexico, I didn't have any high ISO film but i had pushed tri-x. Anyway to avoid that stress in anyway would be great. Having 3200 stamped on my film ought to help. Sometimes makes me wish for digital