No. Sorry, but I am not going to either make a joke or offer some false humility about how some days are "disasters" and on others "everything comes out fine". I just don't see it that way. While there may be some luck involved in exposing film, there should be no luck involved in the darkroom. There, you have total control over what happens.

Granted, there are days when I don't produce anything worthwhile, and others where beautiful exhibition prints result. And perhaps this is what you're alluding to. However, I do not think it's due to a "variance" in my skills or intuition. There are just way too many other factors.

I have been practicing darkroom work for close to 45 years, including some as a full time professional. My skill-set is pretty firm. So, why are some days not winners?

As much as we hone our skills and practice our art, it's just a given that not all negatives are created equal. There are just too many variables and factors in making photographs that a photographer cannot control and some negatives will not print easily, or at all. One skill that I worked hard overs years to develop is identifying those negatives and not even trying. Still, there are the occasional questionable images where I will give it a try. And they may or may not work out. Or, sometimes I can make a perfectly decent print from a technically good negative, and then just decide I don't like the photograph and it ain't gonna ever see daylight.

Good days and bad, production wise? Sure. Disasters and days where things just "come out"? No.

Perhaps I'm just arguing semantics. If so, I apologize. But, I feel strongly about this.