Working on creating a couple excel documents that will eventually be posted on Sover Wong's website and that will show the production dates for both the F3 series cameras and the FM2 series cameras.

What I need are the first four digits of the serial number, and the four digit code that is found on the casting. On an F3 and the ANAM Precision/Lemix FM2 bodies, it is found where the hinge for the back is located. Sometimes can be readable without removing the back, but it might be more helpful to remove the back and read the code that way. On most FM2 bodies, it's in the film chamber, where the cartridge goes. Sometimes Nikon printed the first two digits on the FM2 bodies backwards. Normally, the first digit is month, second is year. On some, the year is first, and the month is second.

Month is signified by the numbers 1-9, and the letters O, N, and D. Year is shown with the last digit of the year.

Thanks in advance.