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I'm reading that if I rate portra or fuji pro at 200 my negatives will just become denser and I get a more saturated look. To achieve that, do I tell the lab to develop for 200iso or will that undo what I'm trying to achieve?
For normal shooting I usually rate 400H at 100, so two stops overexposed, and I typically shoot Portra at about 320, which gives it enough shadow detail yet a very natural look. Portra tends to go a bit yellow when overexposed, I find. In either case I would always develop the films as normal with no pull or push.

Now, I'm far from any pro, but here are a few examples from the oft cloudy United Kingdom:

400H at 100

Portra 400 at 320

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Same thing goes for when I shoot it at 1600. How will the look change if I have it developed at 1600 or standard?
Over the past few months I've done quite a bit of experimenting with push processing both Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400H. If you must push, I would ordinarily recommend opting for Portra, although 400H pushed one stop doesn't look too bad, I've found. Not sure if it'll be of any help, but here are a few examples, although your own mileage may vary depending on development, scanning, printing, etc.

400H rated at 400, pushed one stop in development:

Portra 400 rated at 1600, pushed two stops in development:

Portra 400 rated at 3200, pushed three stops in development: