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I live in a suburban area pretty representative of the non-city northeast US. I had been able to get C-41 processed at Costco for $1.59 until now.

I shoot for a weekly newspaper, and I occasionally shoot film for assignments for various reasons.

Yesterday, I called my local Costco just make sure their processor was up and working, in anticipation of shooting a roll of Fuji 800Z.
I was told they ran the last roll on Monday. The processor broke down, and this time it was too expensive to fix it for the small number of film rolls going through it.

For me, this is the demise of local mainstream color film processing.

I just might have to learn to process C-41 myself...but I'm not happy about the lack of quality chemistry available.
are you looking for a local lab or a send out service?


some listings with personal experiences listed.

if you dont mind setting up an account,
parker has had wonderful experiences with
millers. they are a pro lab with a great reputation ...