Getting back to the original topic (with apologies to all of course), part of the answer depends on what you mean by minimal depth of field. Is the DOF in the attached images minimal enough? If so, then David Allen is right on the money. You won't need anything but your camera, your flash and brilliant artistic instinct. If you are shooting close with mediumish format then you will not have much DOF even at modest apertures. Well done fill flash never fails to thrill so best of luck!


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OK guys..

I was wondering if it's possible to shoot a picture using film camera on bright sunny day and be able to have a minmal depth of field and use a fill flash? Say F2.8.. Would you need high ISO or low ISO film? I drew a blank on this.

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Quite simply, if you use a camera with in the lens shutter you can do what you want, also with any camera that allows sync speeds that you can choose. Put simply, set your camera to 1/500 at f16 and use a flash that will illuminate the scene with sufficient light at f16. Now you control the lighting of every scene.