I had one of these in the mid-1960's that I used extensively as a high school yearbook photographer. Full power, half power switchable, lead-acid wet cells. Depending on how you rotated the reflector (which means which side of the camera you had the flash head on), you got "wide angle" or "telephoto" spread. And you could remove the reflector entirely and shoot bare bulb, which was great indoors. The thing weighed a ton, and I always wished I had a GN Nikkor, but I got a lot of great shots with this flash. And yes, snapguy, the other HS photographer had a Heiland Strobonar -- so much more modern than my Braun!

I do feel that today's photographers are missing out on a lot by using flashes with such small, if not tiny, reflectors -- entirely a point source, no "spread" of light from a large reflector. It's time to just off my Honeywell Flash-mite and uncover my flashbulbs.