I have two of these and they are both exhibiting the same behavior.

Here is what happens:
Insert cartridge, close the door, and the shutter closes.
I manually run the gears a bit and run a full cycle. Sometimes it catches and will complete a normal cycle clunk (mirror), whir clickthunk and goes back to the proper start position.

At this point, the shutter is open, the mirror is up and I can see through the lens.

After that, when I press the button and the shutter closes until I let go, much like the B shutter setting on many cameras. But that's all it does.

Both cameras respond the same way which makes me think there is something wrong with my battery setup.

I am using cells from a 9 volt battery to power the cameras. (5 AAAA cells generate 7 volts, using 4 to get 6V was not enough to get any response because they came out just under 6v.)

I dont have an empty film holer witha good battery, so I had to make something and I dont wanna blow $20+ on dead cameras.

Any help or advice would be wonderful.