I just wanted to ask everyone their advice on whether I should send my camera in for repair, or whether there is a quick fix I can do myself.

I have an old Nikon FG-20 and am experiencing a problem with the meter needle in the viewfinder. When I press the shutter release halfway the needle jumps to the top of the meter and sticks there, whereas it should usually move up and down as the exposure alters. This only started happening when I advanced a roll of film and pressed the shutter release while the lens cover was still on, at which point it stuck for a moment. Taking the cover off and looking into the viewfinder, I saw that the needle was no longer working properly.

This has happened to me once before. I took it to the Nikon shop in Bangkok, where it was taken aside for just five minutes and fixed for free. So I imagine there must be a simple repair, and if so it would be great to get some advice on how to do this myself! Does anyone have any ideas?