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That being said Rena Effendi's recent work for National Geographic, New York Times, and her book were all photographed with her Rollie and E-6 media.
Beautiful work in NG on Transylvannia Hay Country, thanks for the reminder...

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Sorry to disagree, but it was APUG directly that got me back into film. For reasons I cannot recall now, I landed here and started lurking, 100% as a digital shooter. I lurked for probably close to a year before I finally decided that yes, I would return to film. I cannot see how that would have happened without reading and lurking here.
I'm not saying it does not work, but I will say as I have said before that the tone these kinds of threads can often take have repelled a good many I have referred here. I just think that overall, this site and those who frequent it the most can be doing a lot better at getting people to use film.