I have obviously set my company name right out there and now even if I pick a different name, anyone would know who I was because my "contributions" and questions are a bit differently weighted than yours are. Now I have never intended to use this site as a sales tool. Only as an educational tool. So here's the thing, I like this site so much I am starting to give it to many photographers who walk in my shop. Now even though I try to be really honest about my potential novice-ness, how much harm do you think it might do if my customers get on here and essentially begin reading about their jobs and my need to get help in getting it done. How would it make you feel if you could read right there in front of you, your photo tech asking what would seem to you to be basic photographic questions? Admitting that I don't have densitometers and kelvinometers and. . . needing an education?

What a quandry. I am hoping that my directness with new customers will make what they read on here expected, sort of. I would hate to not give out the site ( I couldn't do that, too many people would fit in well here.) Or I guess I could go to read only mode and not participate. :sad: