If I was just starting out and was unsure of myself and trying to pass myself off as a professional, I would hesitate to give out this site to customers. I would try to get to a level of competence before doing so. I would give it six months to a year. (We used it call it - fake it til you make it)

If you are asking fundamental questions that your customers think that you as a professional should know, I think it could harm your credibility, your reputation and your business. I expect your customers expect a level of competence from you. If you need to use APUG as a learning resource, that is a good thing, but I personally would not give out this site until you feel more proficient. If your customers have questions of you, instead of sending them here, I would tell them you will research the question and get back to them. That way it is a win-win. You maintain your credibility, and they get their answers.

If they find the site on their own, fine then if they ask, you just tell them that you are doing research.

Either that or register under a different name as well as the one you now use and ask certain questions incognito.

Remember every profession has a place they can go for specific answers on questions, they just don't tell their clients that they are doing it.

Michael McBlane