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Love this quote

"It wasn’t about sharpness or resolution, or aspherical elements, or creamy bokeh or chromatic aberation or back focus or all the other nonsense we feel necessary to value when we fail to acknowledge the poverty of our vision."
That was my excuse for a long time before I realized I was making some properly boring photographs. It took a brutally honest review of my photographs to come to that realization, but today I'm thankful for it. No excuses, only hard work to try to become better at what I do. Vision is everything.

PDH - you say it well that equipment is important, but not the goal. That is, if you're into photography mostly because you're interested in making photographs that mean something. I think it's OK to be into photography for the sake of being interested in cameras, their technical excellence (or lack thereof), and things relating to a less artistic appreciation of the medium. It's all good.

Leica wouldn't be selling as many cameras as they do if it wasn't for the geeky collectors.