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^^^ Folks may not know how many art-directors call the shots. I have been hemmed in.
My personal story is I was sent off to a number of states with marching orders to photograph a project. I came back, was recognized by another AD, I was asked who worked with you on this. I responded that I was on my own. I was referred to another AD for similar project where I was hemmed in by and AD asking me to do the same spontaneous work.. ... where the AD had no clue on how to get spontaneous work. Anyway... that's my story.

Anyway... why am I at APUG? I still use film for some personal projects. I also use it now and then on commercial work when the opportunity presents it'self.
I also like the old cameras.. "clocks for seeing " as Barthes referred to them. I actually think my salvation may be making portraits on 8x10 film. I dunno... pixel pushing calling.
Excellent point! And I know for a fact that Art Directors are also hemmed in by their principals. Only rarely is there room for truly free or imaginative work in a commercial setting.

As an enthusiast I am completely free to shoot bokeh studies, or anything else that pleases me but would seem pointless to an audience.