The human animal is an imperfect beast and is wont to wander off onto tangents that are not fit for man nor beast. The whole business of using a tool to make images can be over-thought and over-wrought. I am sure Cro-Magnon man swore his cave was better than your cave and his stick figures drawn on his cave wall were better than yours, and the animal blood he used to paint them with was superior to you animal blood. "Saber Tooth Cat blood is so yesterday."
I once took some photos at a press conference of Sir Julian Huxley, a famed philosopher and brother of Aldous Huxley, the famed writer. The camera was an Asahi Pentax with a 105mm lens. Every time the shutter went off, he jumped. A rangefinder Leica or Nikon would probably have been a better choice but the the major university I was working for did not own such a camera.
I loved the old Pentax but they were not perfect for every single job. Duh.