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The best way to "know" isn't by reading it online. It's by trying and seeing it for yourself. There is a lot of well founded hypotheticals on here, but no one ever created anything with a hypothetical. Go test, experiment, retest, modify, adjust, and create! :-) CineStill is called 800T not because it is "low contrast" or even lower in C41, but because testing has proven that the gamma is increased in C41. It's not unlike B&W developers controlling contrast. CD3 is a low contrast (gamma) developer. Now go out and create! ;-)
CD4 will indeed increase contrast, but also it changes dye hue and dye stability. CD3 is indeed a lower contrast developing agent with particular hue and stability characteristics itself. However, C41 is run at 100F and ECN is processed at 105F. The films also contain different emulsions, couplers and layer arrangements. Thus, ECN has wider latitude as well as lower contrast, and this is all buggered up when you use C41 chemistry.

And, you better have all of the rem jet removed before you go through the C41 process, and you better have the tolerance for small particles embedded in your pix. You also have to tolerate halation or flare if you have the "wrong" scene with no rem jet.

But, if it works for you, use it!