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I got banned from sooo many forums just because I was stating the obvious, like the quote in the OP.
That included the very bad photography skills of the moderators. The truth is the truth so I couldn't be bothered to care.

Also, i find these blogs involving leica quite boring. They are run by newbies who want some fame by scratchubg leica's name. Blah, we've seen them all.

In my case, the moment I realized that my photography was good, it was worth all the money I put into it. 10,000$ lens? So what. If my art is up to it them why not. I don't do drugs and my money has to go somewhere so why not make it go where my talent is?
The same thing would be if I was a guitarist. Or a drummer. Or a haidresser.
Then why not post in the gallery so we can appreciate your images?