The area of photography is an extensive one.
I have taught novices - an experience that will quickly take the wind out of your sails - some of the "simple" quetions are just not those whose answers were ever really thought about - or. over time, have changed along with progress in materials and methods.
If you ask a question that every "novice" should know ... I have been on the "answering" end of those ... and have had to do a LOT of research to be able to answer some of those.

Would I feel something like a lack of confidence if a Photo Technician had to ask a "basic" question about some aspect of photography? NO!! I've had the priviledge of knowing some of the most respected, and believe me, they do that all the time. When a tech STOPS asking, that indicates that he feels he "knows it all"... Erk!! ... that translates into "believing his own press", a.k.a. self deception.

Being truly skilled doesn't mean complete knowledge about all aspects of a craft. It does require an ablility to ferret out what one needs to know, at the time, and to work out answers to problems.

This site, APUG?? I think it is probably one of the most "filled with intelligence" of any I know of ... a casual visitor will probably be overwhelmed at the level of some of the discussions here. Some of the writing here is so esoteric, I wonder if anyone really knows what is going on.

Ask away! You can always claim to be trying to answer a "basic" question from a student, and be trying to frame it in the most understandable terms for a novice.

There is, near here, a well-respected custom lab. I've had work done there - one custom job involved a photograph of a white house taken on an overcast day ... I "killed" myself trying to get the color balance in that one e right (not my negative) - so that the grass looked like green grass, the sky overcast, and the house white - and finally gave up and shipped it to them. They did a great job. I have never been in their lab. I imagine they are well equipped, with densitiometers and analysers and what-all, but, I don't know whether or not they are - and to tell the truth, I really don't care. Their work is first-rate, and that is all that matters to me.