Yes, I remember more snow when I was a child, and we have movies and pictures to show it really was more and not just us being smaller. It seems the snow lasted longer as well. The past decade or so, when we have a big snow, it melts in a few days. When I was a kid it persisted for weeks or months. This winter's storm was more like I remember.

I had a friend who moved to Atalanta, Georgia, right after graduating from high school. He told us they are not used to snow down there, so everything shuts down for 1/4" of snow. We laughed until he told us it all melts by noon so they have to go to work anyway.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the media make a big deal about records, and people don't think. They will mention breaking a record on a given day - lets arbitrarily say February 14. No one seems to realize that record is for that date, and not the entire month or even entire season. They lock only onto the number even when the news puts it in context.

This year is what I call a "good" winter - like it is supposed to be. Speaking of which, another storm is coming in tonight - a mild one. Still, there are people flooding the stores to stock up on canned and dry goods because the world is about to end. Bobwysiwyg, give us an heads up, it'll hit you first