I've found the website a good reference, and it would be a pity to see it go.
However, having checked the site, I've remembered why I didn't join.
I looked it up a few months ago, with a view to joining, but there's no friendly button to push, no way to set up a paypal payment, no donation button. It says you can send an email, and wait 21 days for a reply. Like most internet users, I thought "I'll sort that out later" and forgot all about it.

Also, I have the impression they send out a hard copy newsletter, which I wouldn't want.
If the material were published on the website, that would be much more interesting and useful.
As it is, the website is very static, and not at all interactive, and I wasn't even sure if the club was still in being.

I'm surprised if this has been shaping up for 5 years. I watch 2 or 3 photographic websites regularly, and I don't recall seeing anything until now.

I don't want to get involved in running a club, but glad to see Ben offering as webmaster, which is what is needed. It would be nice to retain the current reference material, have an easier joining method, and something like a members upload area. But I don't know how much work that involves.