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I've tried reading this whole thread with a bit of patience and reserve. But I wonder how many consumers there are out there like me, who appreciate the interview with the Kodak Alaris marketing guy.

I shoot digital and film. I enjoy shooting film because it is a different experience that makes me think about what I'm doing more and allows me to use some fantastic tools I would not otherwise use. I pick films based on quality, availability, and need (color v. b&w, film speed, format, etc). I've bought Fuji, Kodak, Kentmere, Ilford, and others. I honestly don't know how many 'hobbyist' film photographers like me there are out there (and I realize that we alone may not be enough of a market to sustain the industry), but I think I speak for some of us when I say that, when it comes to film, brand loyalty will not stop me from buying a competitor's product. It's not like a car. It's a few dollars on a roll of film. When all the choices are at least pretty good, I'm happy. I may have a favorite (I do, but I won't say), but because I am interesting in shooting film as a hobby, I am by nature experimenting and having fun with these products.

So, thanks, Kodak Alaris, bring it on. I'll buy.
I'm not loyal to a brand either, but I am loyal to film and I see the bigger picture when it comes to moving it all forward in a positive direction. In my opinion, it is the kind of attitude above that is needed in order to keep moving film forward, so thanks for the reminder that we are all on the same team and need to stop the infighting...