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I still recall when I travelled with medium format SLR and many rolls of exposed 120 film, and the security guy wanted me to break the outer seal on some of the exposed rolls and unroll them!!!

As for hand inspection, the guys at Heathrow must be deaf...they have never, never ever complied with any of my many requests for hand inspection of 'fast film' whether 135 or 120 format. 'Hand inspection' must look to their lip reading like 'thru the Xray', as I can find no other reason for the no-verbal reply to requests for hand inspection at Heathrow.
Unfortunately, only the USA has actual regulations that allow hand inspection of photographic materials. The FAA has a sign for this, which is often (but not always) posted at airports. I don't believe any of the EU nations allow this liberty. Also, the FAA explicitly warns that one should never put photographic materials in checked baggage. There is a large technical literature about the effect of carry-on scanners, but one should remember that the dose to the film is cumulative if you need to go through checked-baggage x-ray many times before development.