Mirko, do you have any sample images, I assume there's a prototype.

There is a small demand for Roundshot style cameras shooting 360 but it really is small, if the actual that's exposed could be chosen maybe demand might be higher.

Panoramics or rather how do I shoot some of the very wide landscapes I've been working in, has been a dilemma to me for around 25 years. Rotating cameras, Noblex, Horizont etc, produce a unique signature which really didn't suit my work, and 360 cameras just shoot the same but over the full circle.

In the end I chose to buy a 6x17 camera, if I had had the cash at the time I'd have bought a 6x24 (it was the cost of a WA lens for 6x24 that was the issue). While I shoot film for all my own ork I also stitch large panoramas from digital imgaes for commercial work but I prefer the straight images, there's the strange perspective when cameras (or lenses) are rotated whether motorised or stitched image.

Maybe I should add that I'd shoot HD video now to cover some of the wide panoramas

It's a very specialist market and so probably few of us here would be potential customers however there is a sector of the market that use and need cameras with that kind of capability, creating Virtual Reality images. As most will be used/shown digital formats then there's the issue of should the capture be digital or on film.