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The German manufacturer of panoramic camera systems MK and ADOX are evaluating the possibility of producing a new analog medium format 360 panoramic camera.
Currently we are evaluating the price point. This thread is to get feedback if you think there is a need for such a camera in new condition or if you think the used market serves everyone perfectly.
Obviously it will not be cheap but on the other hand Leicas have their prices as well.

I know I should tell you the exact price but we need to wait a little for this information.

I really doubt I am qualified to determine a market for this camera but I can comment on certain aspects.

First, if there is a market for used cameras there will certainly be a market for new versions if they are very well done. I think that Fuji's introduction of a medium format folding camera is an excellent example. There are a lot of very good, used folders out there but the Fuji/Bessa version was well received.

I think it is useful to point out that a lot of people who would be interested in a new panoramic camera probably won't be chased off by a premium price, particularly if early adopters give feedback that the product is worth the price. Obviously there will be those who grouse at the price. There are some who would complain about a free version if they had to pay the shipping, and I think most of them post on the internet.

I do know several people just in my small area who do panorama. A lot of them started with digital but a few I know started looking for film solutions as they spent more time doing it. Whether or not any of them would buy a new one is certainly not guaranteed but I do know most of them could likely afford it if they wanted it bad enough. Face it, there are still people out there paying for new large format cameras.

One way you could judge the reception of such a camera would be to try crowd funding it through Kickstarter, though your initial price point may limit that option for you.

Anyway, good luck and I hope it works out. I am always thrilled when new film options pop up.