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Do you have access to buying in date Velvia 50 in 4x5? Just curious with all the various eBay vendors selling it, yet it is long gone now from every place except what appears to be possibly a very few Asian locales. I'm not even sure if this is true or if Fuji stopped the production entirely on that product.
It is still sold in Japan, go to store and pick it up.

You can even see that it has the new label as well, so it doesn't look like it will be discontinued anytime soon. I assume it's sold in China and other asian countries.

It's available on the chinese ebay too...

Both in the new and old label (shorter expiry dates). The old label is significantly cheaper at around US$53 per box of 20. The new label is around US$81, same price as in Japan. But if you want to get it from there, you will need to find a middleman to ship it to you and they usually take 10% + shipping fees.