I have an MPP VII and I am a member (and contributor) - but I live in California, and will not be in the UK for the AGM/EGM. MPP as a company was into some fascinating things - the last newsletter had an article on the UK mass chest x-ray program and the MPP equipment involved. I am just old enough to remember those mobile 'removal vans'.

All small organizations have to contend with this - balancing membership and active support. With something like MPP products which are now a finite and aging resource, the interest is becoming smaller as the years pass. We saw the same thing with Mamiya - they stopped even referring to their older equipment about ten years ago, and their distributors followed suit. if you don't have people able to do the work, it won't run itself.

The UK National Media Museum seems a good place for the records and data if it has to close down.

I sent the current committee my response directly - that's what they asked for.