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That's quite correct Scott, it's just that I like to asses the lighting ratios first with the flat incidental receptor on my meter then I meter the main and fill in light with the hemispherical receptor to get the camera setting reading. Well it works for me
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I meter he main light, the fill in light the backlight and the background to give me an idea of the contrast ratio between them and adjust the lighting if necessary by either adjusting the flash power levels or moving the flashes nearer or further away from the sitter. With modern Sekonic flash meters you can average up to 9 meter reading if you press the average button to integrate the readings to give the final total exposure.
With flashes, I'm presuming you're using the meter while you trigger them one by one? Or am I getting it wrong?

I don't use a meter - well standalone meter, if you excuse the digital camera. And I usually go down by two f stops from the ambient, while setting the flashes for quick cycle times.

I am wondering if I using a similar approach to yours -albeit with the digital, would help?

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