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Glad you found a combination which works for you. Now, stick with it and concentrate on making more (and better) photographs.
If you're ever in the DC area, my offer to get you into the darkroom, for wet printing, still stands.
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Pedantic? Isn't that what the 'P' in APUG stands for?
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Give him a break. We all know what he means. People are just being annoyingly pedantic about it.
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The point I'm making is that the idea of a "straight scan" can only be applied "locally" (i.e at Stone's place) not globally (i.e at Stone's place and Mark's place and jnanian's place and Thomas's place and the local mini-lab).
Same scanner and same software would scan the same scan in the same holders :-p

A print ... The old fashioned way, is LESS telling because you control everything and it's never the same way, 'your' prints are often WAY more manipulated than my scans because you probably do all kind of dodging and burning and you choose a paper grade and bla bla bla all of that changes the outcome and is a manipulation in itself, so that is "wizardry" in the darkroom. Either way your statement should apply MORE to darkroom printing than scanning, because scanning has the ability to be universal, wet printing is all a matter of personal adjustments. I CAN adjust my scans, but I don't have to if I don't want to and can easily scan a baseline. :-p