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A print ... The old fashioned way, is LESS telling because you control everything and it's never the same way, 'your' prints are often WAY more manipulated than my scans because you probably do all kind of dodging and burning and you choose a paper grade and bla bla bla all of that changes the outcome and is a manipulation in itself, so that is "wizardry" in the darkroom. Either way your statement should apply MORE to darkroom printing than scanning, because scanning has the ability to be universal, wet printing is all a matter of personal adjustments. I CAN adjust my scans, but I don't have to if I don't want to and can easily scan a baseline. :-p
hi stone
not to get philosophical on you but yea you are right
darkroom work allows the printer to excessively manipulate
a negative, as does a camera. method of processing, chemistry &c ..
there really isnt much of a difference between the two end results
modern can look great, traditional can look like crap, and visa versa ..
i guess what pisses a lot of people off is that by using modern technology you
are side stepping / bypassing a skill set they worked ( and still are working )
at mastering .. and the sidestep has made their skill set irrelevant ..
enjoy whatever it is you want to do, the photo world is changing by leaps and bounds
even as we post to this thread ( calumet closing american stores )
so in the end your methods may be more relevant than those who
dont like modern methods ...

sorry to be a stone in your shoe ..