I happen to shoot 8x10 negs and chromes atop a heavy wooden Ries tripod, printed large Cibachromes for years so precisely that you'd need
a loupe to see all the detail present in parts of the print, and know exactly what I am talking about. Somebody enlarging 35mm to anything
even remotely as big has nothing to see up close anyway but a ball of mush and fuzz. But because you have to enlarge the neg or slide far,
far more in that case, the effect of filter loss would be even more dramatic. The worst filters are polyester psedo-gels, followed by sandwich-style Tiffens, then old-school true gels. But I can tell the difference even using the best multicoated ones. But when you need filters you need them - and that happens to be quite often in my case. Another nice thing about MC glass filters is that they resist smudges and condensation better than plain glass, so this in itself helps them stay sharper.