If you plan to purchase used goods from Adorama, I would recommend doing it by telephone, and not through their web site. Their used equipment web listings are not kept current, and they seem to have some shady business practices when it comes to internet orders.

I tried purchasing a used Canon EOS 1D from Adorama, via their web site. I received an e-mail response the next day saying the camera had already been sold, but that they would hold my credit card authorization until they got another used 1D in. They never did get another used one, and it took weeks of e-mailing, phoning, and complaining to get them to release the authorization on my credit card.

For some reason, they seem to think that once you place an order, it can only be cancelled at their discretion, even if they don't have the item in stock. I guess this keeps customers from shopping elsewhere, unless they have really high limits on their credit card.

I know that Adorama is generally well regarded, or I would not have ordered from them in the first place. Mistakes happen, but I really don't understand why it had to require so much effort on my part to get them to rectify their mistakes on my order. From now on, I will only deal with reliable performers, like: