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I'm surprised that this hasn't been reported here yet (apologies if it has!). But Tim Rudman on the pure-silver mailing list has recently reported some good news from Ilford. They are apparently planning on developing a new range of products for B&W, plus a new website, training and a workshop programme. New products coming soon (less than 6 months) include a lith developer and a range of toners. Tim Rudman reports that other products are "under wraps". Ilford are apparently keen to encourage darkroom work and not just pick up the pieces from rival companies.

Sounds very encouraging indeed.


As Dr. Tim is an enthusistic lith printer, perhaps a new paper emulsion designed for lith printing is on the agenda of future products. I`ve heard that there may be two new print developers to be introduced soon, one a cold tone developer and the other a warmtone developer.
A range of toners is of interest too.