There are a lot of nice folding cameras out there in the 6x6 format. Agfa Isolette III has an uncoupled rangefinder. The scale focus version is the Isolette. Also, the Voigtlander Perkeo and the Bessa 66.

From Zeiss Ikon, the Nettar and Ikonta (scale focus) and Mess Ikonta (uncoupled rangefinder).

Balda has a nice little 6x6 folder, which should be inexpensive.

From the 1930s, there is the Kodak Vollenda 620 (the scale-focus 6x6 model).

Just how small is your budget?

Oh wait, a non-folding 6x6 camera that doesn't have a waist-level finder and isn't a TLR for a small amount of money? Yep, probably doesn't exit.