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You'd be amazed. The only "real" photo store that sells chemistry is Stewart's Photo in Anchorage. Their supply has dwindled over the past 18 months (I bought their remaining supplies of D76, Dektol, and Hypo Clear a few months ago when it went for half price). Kodak will no longer ship to them. Ilford; however, does ship a few of their chemicals. Things are getting tough as most everyone is on the digital kick. When my remaining stock runs out, I'll have to buy from the lower 48 all from the lower 48.
Believe it or not I emailed them (Stewarts) just to see, he said the supplier wouldn't ship Rodinal anymore

That stink... I'm sure for a price you could get Rodinal somehow... eBay maybe? But it would cost more than DD-X lol

Perhaps ilford is the way to go? ID-11 or Microdol? It's powder so could work if you don't mind powder?

I hate powder but if I had no choice that's how I would go, probably Microdol replenished, seems the best alternative for me, but ID-11 might be better for you.

Good luck sir, I'll be in Canada (Nova Scotia) and if I drive I can make a shipment of something anyone would want but it would cost you and I would have to properly declare it and pay the extra for haz materials etc.

Man, I would freak if I couldn't get Rodinal lol! When the ice melts you should drive to the US pick some up in Seattle and drive back with enough to sell to the other Alaskans... At a premium haha!